Abortion Access Fund Bill (A.1473-Reyes)

Bill A.1473-Reyes, the Abortion Access Fund Bill, would create an abortion access fund to provide state funds to nonprofit organizations that assist women—including out-of-state women—in paying the costs associated with obtaining abortions in New York. Taxpayers would be allowed to donate to the proposed fund when they submit their tax returns; also, the bill would allow other monies to be appropriated to the abortion access fund through the budget process.

Unfortunately, the state of New York already funds abortion through Medicaid. The Legislature should refrain from using more of New Yorkers’ tax dollars to fund this procedure. There is no valid reason for the state of New York to act as a pass-through entity for monies to be expended on abortion access, especially when some of the assistance is to be directed to women who are not New York residents.

New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms urges the Legislature to reject the Abortion Access Fund Bill.