A Conservative Approach to Good Government

Because of the recent spate of corruption scandals in Albany, there is recurrent talk about passing good-government legislation. Typically, when this talk begins to circulate, Albany pols respond either by ignoring the problem or by passing measures that fall far short of the level of change that is needed in Albany.

One problem with the discussion of good-government legislation is that it generally focuses on big-government, left-wing approaches like taxpayer funding of campaigns and limits on outside income for legislators. Another problem is that some good-government advocates give short shrift to voters’ responsibility to send upright, ethical men and women to Albany.

New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms believes that a different approach is needed. Our good-government agenda includes the following measures:

    • Term limits for statewide officials and state legislators.

    • Tenure limits for legislative leaders and committee chairs.

    • Reform of the use of the governor’s message of necessity.

    • Initiative and referendum, to allow voters to propose and vote upon ballot measures.

    • Pension-stripping for elected officials currently in office who are convicted of official misconduct.

    • Legislation to ensure unbiased wording of ballot initiatives.

    • Budgetary reform that bans all forms of pork-barrel spending, removes legislative leaders’ slush funds, and decreases each member’s staffing allotment.

Real government reform returns power to the voters.