2020 Expansion Effort Expected From Gambling Industry

The casino industry has some plans for next year that socially-conservative New Yorkers should know about and work against.

The first, and most significant, push that can be expected in 2020 is the push to allow more downstate casinos to open immediately. Since the 2013 casino amendment to the Constitution of the State of New York was passed, the state has licensed four upstate casinos. Three more licenses may still be granted. However, as LoHud.com notes, existing law places a moratorium on new casinos that does not expire until 2023. LoHud.com reports that wealthy casino interests that wish to open downstate casinos want the moratorium lifted so that they can construct new monuments to greed in the New York City area.

The second agenda item to be aware of is sports gambling. New York casinos are already offering sports gambling, but are only allowed to do so on site. The casinos want mobile sports betting to be made available so that they can make money off of more people.

The third agenda item is less certain, but is likely. That agenda item can be generally described as “sweetheart deals.” Underperforming casinos may ask for renegotiated tax rates and—if they struggle enough—might even ask for government bailouts.

The casino industry’s legislative agenda may change, but the overall goal is always the same: To craft public policy that will let  casinos entice more people into gambling away their money.