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2018 Elections In Review: The New York State Legislature

For the past dozen years, the Republican Party has faced daunting odds as it struggled to maintain its last bastion of power in New York: The New York State Senate. Senate Democrats believed that this year was the year that they would gain a clear Senate majority.

They were right.

On November 6, Senate Republicans experienced an electoral avalanche. Senate Democrats defeated three Republican incumbents (Sens. Carl Marcellino and Elaine Phillips on Long Island and Sen. Terrence Murphy in the HudsonValley) and won three seats that had been vacated by retiring Republican senators. At this writing, the outcomes of three other races were still undetermined, as Republican Sen. Kemp Hannon trailed Kevin Thomason Long Island, Republican Sen. Marty Golden trailed challenger Andrew Gounardes in Brooklyn, Sen. Sue Serino narrowly led opponent Karen Smythe in the Hudson Valley, and Republican Bob Antonacci narrowly led Democrat Jon Mannion in Central New York.  This means that Senate Democrats have gained at least six State Senate seats, and may end up gaining eight or 10 when all the votes are counted. In contrast, the Republicans were unable to topple even one Democratic incumbent. Next year, Senate Democrats will not just have a majority; they will have a comfortable majority.

On the Assembly side, the Democratic Party maintained its strong, decades-long dominance, but Republicans gained a total of four seats.